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About Us

Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision


Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) walks with those in need and mobilizes community partners to provide services that offer hope and rebuild lives.


We believe in the power of collaboration because we know that working together yields inspiring results.

We respect diverse perspectives because varied viewpoints foster creative thinking and growth.

We encourage unconventional thinking because we know our creativity and ingenuity can help us translate ambitions into reality. 

We stand on our integrity because we acknowledge that trust and respect enable us to meet and exceed the expectations of our donors.

We embrace responsibility because we have a profound sense of commitment to our clients, colleagues, and the world around us.

We commit to client partnerships because we are passionate about building strong connections that fuel our shared success.

We take pride in our people because our employees are the core of our success.


Everyday Ingenuity - We deliver pragmatic solutions for our clients on a daily basis.

Responsive Partnership - We listen closely to our community’s needs, developing programs that address the current needs while going beyond their expectations.

Mission-critical Delivery - We provide our clients with exactly what they need, no matter what, because we know our clients’ needs demand our utmost commitment.

Accelerated Performance - We advance our clients’ futures by delivering services relevant and beyond their basic needs.