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Mission, History, Impact

Mission, Vision, Values


Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) accompanies those in need to foster resiliency, self-sufficiency, and access to opportunities by creating, connecting with, and engaging welcoming communities. 


An inclusive community of well-being where people thrive.


  • Motivated by our belief in the inherent dignity of all humans.
  • Collaborating with integrity and accountability.
  • Advancing equity, inclusion, and social justice.

Anti-Racism Statement

LSSNCA recognizes that everyone is at a different point on their anti-racism journey. Racism is systemic in that it is embedded in all of our institutions. It stems from oppressive influences, as well as from individual racial prejudice. LSSNCA is committed to understanding how these influences work and critically analyzing our role as an organization in perpetuating oppression. We know these conversations may be uncomfortable, but having them requires courage, respect, and an open mind. LSSNCA joins others in the pursuit to acknowledge, address, and eliminate all forms of racism and ethnic oppression. 

We are Committed: 

  • To acknowledging all racial and ethnic injustices within our community and society. 
  • To examining racial and ethnic injustices within LSSNCA.  
  • To developing and implementing strategies that will be effective in the dismantling of racial and ethnic injustice.

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