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How to Help

Support New Families

Looking to welcome and help resettle refugees with your friends, congregation, and family? LSSNCA and our neighbors have welcomed and resettled refugee families in Maryland and Virginia for 81 years. More than 10 years ago LSSNCA, alongside community partners, created the Good Neighbor Partners (GNP) program to set-up homes and offer companionship to families fleeing war. LSSNCA also offers two levels of Champions support which provides a bit more flexibility for groups.


Champions levels are open to anyone interested in welcoming new neighbors. Congregations, groups of friends, college groups, colleagues or individuals alike are welcome to sign-up for the below support levels.

Level 1 is a six (6) month commitment:

  • Set-up a home for an arriving family and provide all of the furnishings and household supplies
  • Support adjustment needs within the first 90 day, like transportation to and from appointments
  • Provide three (3) additional core areas of support, like school enrollment and Internet payments

Level 2 provides a move-in ready set-up:

  • Collect all furnishings and household items for a new home
  • Set-up the home for the family’s arrival  

Good Neighbor Partners (GNP) are congregations who come together to welcome new neighbors for one (1) year.

Your congregation:

  • Sets up a home for an arriving family and provides all the furnishings and household supplies
  • Supports adjustment needs within the first 90 days, like transportation to and from appointments 
  • Provides three (3) additional core areas of support, like school enrollment or Internet payments
  • Pays full rent for three (3) months and at least six (6) months of partial rental assistance

Good Neighbor Partners (GNP) are vetted through LSSNCA to paricipate in the program funded by the State Department/Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM). Each GNP must complete an interest form, complete a background check for its coordination team, and attend an orientation before being matched with a program participant. There’s also a $500 donation to cover supplemental costs and paperwork filing.

We work to vet and best-match GNPs and Champions with new neighbors, so turnaround time may vary. Due to the difficult housing situation, permanent housing is taking longer than normal. If you know someone who would like to rent to a refugee family, let us know.