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How to Help

Host a Fundraiser

Thank you for choosing to support our new neighbors alongside Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA)! Your support directly assists with meals, clothing, housing, employment, education, immigration support, mental health services, and contributes to building a community of well-being where people thrive.

A third-party fundraiser is initiated, hosted, and planned by a business, organization, congregation, community group, school or individual and can include in-kind and/or monetary donation drives, a sales promotion or event that benefits LSSNCA. It is planned and executed independently of LSSNCA. 

Read below to find out more and complete the Host a Fundraiser form!


Fundraisers must be aligned with LSSNCA’s mission.  

The fundraisers go toward unrestricted greatest needs funds, as it allows LSSNCA to direct your gifts to highest needs. Money cannot be raised through third-party fundraisers for a specific person. If there is a specific program, like Refugee and Immigrant Services or legal services, you would like to raise funds for, please make that clear and we will follow-up with you regarding your request. 

LSSNCA assumes no legal or financial liability associated with third-party fundraisers.  

As host, you are responsible for all expenses related to the fundraiser.  

It must be clear on all promotional/marketing items that LSSNCA is only the beneficiary of the fundraiser (e.g., not a co-sponsor, organizer or fundraiser).

Host is responsible for obtaining all permits, licenses, and insurance certificates, and is held accountable to following laws directed by the state, gaming boards, etc.   

LSSNCA is not responsible for any damage, accidents to persons or property related to the third-party fundraising initiative. 

Hosts may not use the LSSNCA name/logo without consent via LSSNCA’s logo release form.  

Unless opted in at the time of donation, donor information will be confidential and not shared with the host. A summary of donations and/or the final donation amount can be shared with the host once donations are closed out.

How LSSNCA Can Support You
  • Provide a letter confirming the initiative  
  • Provide a donor acknowledgement letter to donors who donate directly to LSSNCA (e.g., checks made out to the host will not receive individual tax letters; checks made out to LSSNCA will receive individual tax letters) 
  • If applicable, engage with fundraiser social media posts 
  • If applicable, create a custom fundraising page  
  • If available, have an LSSNCA representative attend the event 
  • If available, provide LSSNCA marketing materials like one-pagers
  • Pending logo release form authorization, allow the use of the LSSNCA name and logo to be used in conjunction with the fundraising initiative.  
Support LSSNCA Cannot Provide
  • Our sales tax exemption letter for purchases
  • Funding or reimbursement of any kind
  • Insurance coverage or co-sign insurance
  • Support to secure sponsors or raffle/auction items
  • Volunteer, partner, or donor information
  • Promotion via our mailing list 
  • Please discuss LSSNCA social media promotion with your point of contact.

Please send all monetary donations to this LSSNCA office: 

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area 

Attn: Development 

1730 Rhode Island Ave, NW 

Suite 712 

Washington, DC 20036         


Donate online and make a note in the special comments section.

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State/Province *
Postal Code *
Select all of the support you're requesting from LSSNCA (we will do our best to meet your requests)
Is this your first third-party fundraiser with LSSNCA?
I acknowledge that I have read all the above and understand LSSNCA to be the beneficiary of my third-party fundraiser. I understand this agreement does not construe that the host or representatives of the third-party fundraiser are an agent of LSSNCA. I agree to the conditions as outlined above.