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How and where our new – and future - neighbors need your help.

Beyond donating, we need your voices. Act with us to create an inclusive community of well-being where people thrive. You, like us, are motivated by a belief in the inherent dignity of all humans. Continue to advance equity, inclusion, and social justice with LSSNCA.


Provide Afghan Allies with a clear legal path to residency with an Afghan Adjustment Act. 

The humanitarian parole status thousands of Afghans received to enter the United States doesn't provide a way for them to apply for legal permanent residency. A bipartisan Afghan Adjustment Act was introduced in both the Senate and House of Representatives, creating a potential pathway to legal permanent residency. 

Right now, tens of thousands of Afghan Allies are applying for asylum and waiting in limbo regarding their permanent legal status in the U.S. We won't back down in advocating for the passage of an Afghan Adjustment Act, and hope you will join us

Encourage your senators and representatives to support the bipartisan Afghan Adjustment Act to ensure a way to apply for legal immigration status for permanent residency in the United States.

Title 42

Call for families to stay together.  

Title 42 continues to be in the news despite the Biden Administration and CDC announcing it was to be repealed in May 2022. Title 42 removes adults seeking asylum in the United States and sends them to Mexico or the country they are fleeing after filing for asylum and passing a credible fear interview, while they await adjudication. The policy is a holdover from the Trump Administration preventing at-risk individuals from seeking asylum safely and lawfully in the U.S. and puts their lives in peril. The policy also separates families during an already incredibly traumatic and vulnerable period as children are exempt. Title 42 has been challenged in court several times over its unlawfulness. With the easing of COVID restrictions nationally, and an increase in vaccinations available at the U.S. border crossings, this unfounded policy should not be allowed to continue. Families should remain together. 

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