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LSSNCA Statement on Afghanistan Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) is pleased with the Administration’s announcement today that it has designated Afghanistan for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 18 months, acknowledging Afghans cannot return home due to the current dangers. LSSNCA has heard stories from many individuals we provide resettlement services to of their loved ones still in Afghanistan hiding from the Taliban who continue seeking retribution, as well as the ongoing deteriorating food security situation. This will alleviate some concern over deportation for those with humanitarian parole status, for the time being. We would welcome this same designation, as was done for Ukraine, for others facing similar crises back home such as Cameroonians, Ethiopians, and Mauritanians.

However, TPS still does not create a clear path to legal permanent residency. Therefore, to continue supporting Afghans who supported and fought with us, we urge Congress to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act to create a stable and clear path to citizenship.