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LSSNCA Response to the Biden Administration May 9 Asylum Rule Announcement

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) expresses concern that the asylum adjustments rule announced May 9 by the Biden administration may substantially elevate the asylum rejection rate for migrants lacking legal representation and sufficient time to navigate the asylum process. 

"While we commend the administration's efforts to identify potential threats to national security, individuals fleeing persecution often face oppression from political powers or unjust detention in their home countries,” said LSSNCA CEO Kristyn Peck. “If given more time to articulate their circumstances, these details could come to light, however, requiring them to undergo credible fear screenings mere hours after arrival, without adequate time for recovery or legal support, essentially amounts to a directive to return. This approach could potentially result in increased wrongful deportation,” shares Peck. 

As the election approaches, immigration remains a crucial issue, and LSSNCA urges the administration to address it meaningfully, ensuring that any policy changes uphold the rights and dignity of those seeking refuge on U.S. soil while balancing the imperative of maintaining national security.