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LSSNCA’s Statement on Current Senate Efforts to End Asylum

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) continues monitoring the ongoing budget debate on asylum and border issues, which links controversial border policy changes with international assistance. Measures such as restricting asylum and parole, expanding expulsion authority, and fast-tracking deportation of families at the border are raising significant red flags, warranting careful scrutiny. 

LSSNCA supports the right to seek safety if you are not safe in your home, and this drives our advocacy for a fair and just immigration system that aligns with U.S. values and adherence to national and international law. The ongoing Senate discussions surrounding asylum and border policies are of critical concern, as they have the potential to shape the future of immigration in our country. 

“The proposed deal is deeply troubling. We firmly believe that any agreement undermining, rather than fixing, our immigration system is unacceptable. Agreements should be driven by humanitarian principles rather than by political gain. This approach turns its back on people seeking safety and places individuals and families at risk of unimaginable ordeals,” stated LSSNCA CEO Kristyn Peck.   

LSSNCA calls upon lawmakers to prioritize a humane and just immigration system that respects the rights and dignity of those seeking refuge on U.S. shores and prioritizes meaningful access and pathways to those seeking safety. We urge them to reject any deal that compromises these principles and instead work towards comprehensive immigration reform that reflects the values upon which our nation was built. It is imperative for both sides of the aisle to center families and the dignity of all humans in their efforts to find solutions, steering away from divisive political rhetoric that does nothing to address the acknowledged broken state of the immigration system.