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LSSNCA statement regarding reports the Biden Administration is considering forcing migrants to remain in Texas

Families seeking asylum in the United States aren’t criminals. As Warsan Shire reminds us, “no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.” However, in this case, even that water may no longer offer respite. Families fleeing harm have a legal right to seek asylum at our borders. These families have complied with the Biden Administration’s ever-changing rules - despite their legal uncertainty - to access this right including attempting to claim asylum in a transit country, using the flawed CBP One app to attempt to make appointments, and being swept up in ill-conceived pilot trials like the Family Expedited Removal Process (FERM), devoid of due process. Now, the Administration is rumored to be considering leaving vulnerable individuals in the care of state governments that have not only expressed their disdain toward those in need but have acted on it. They have acted cruelly creating numerous deterrents, including potentially illegal barbed wire fences and buoys that injured pregnant women, and have also bussed families across the U.S. under false assumptions, using them as political pawns. We call on the Administration, and Congressional partners, to embrace the sentiments this country, a nation of immigrants, was founded on: the fundamental rights to liberty and access to fair due process and take seriously the protection of those seeking safety at our door.