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LSSNCA Statement on Biden's Executive Order Regarding the Border Issued Today

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) opposes the Biden administration’s Executive Order today which effectively closes the border to people seeking asylum. 

“Inherent in the definition of asylum is the ability for an individual to seek it regardless of their country of origin or immigration status," said LSSNCA CEO Kristyn Peck. "We cannot, in good conscience, simply close our doors or deny refuge to those seeking the opportunity to apply for humanitarian protection,” she said.    

With a backlog of 3 million cases handled by a mere 725 immigration judges, LSSNCA agrees with the Administration that the system is broken and has long advocated for reform to manage the border while ensuring the right to due process for people seeking safety in the United States. The proposal by the Administration defies international and U.S. law and was found to be unlawful by federal courts when proposed by former President Trump in 2018. 

The U.S. deserves an immigration and asylum system that embodies America's spirit of welcome. “The real solution is investing in a more humane asylum system that recognizes the human dignity in those seeking refuge at our borders and that adequately resources the courts to more efficiently process asylum applications,” said Peck.