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LSSNCA Statement on Ukraine

Home is where you should feel safe, and our hearts are with the people of Ukraine during this time of fear, uncertainty, and loss of safety. Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) offers our solidarity and prayers as we watch the situation unfold, and see the traffic jams and border crossings as Ukrainians make difficult decisions to seek safety for themselves and their families.

Upwards of two million people are expected to become refugees due to this crisis. With the recent reopening of the refugee resettlement pipeline, which had been paused to focus on Afghan evacuees, we have yet to reach the 10,000 Europe and Central Asia refugee allotment cap, let alone the 125,000 refugee ceiling the Biden Administration put in place in October. LSSNCA is ready to support those fleeing home to find safety, and hope they will find comfort and peace in their new communities with us if the time comes.