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Serve With Us

Thank you for your interest in hosting a community service activity in your congregation or organization to benefit those served by LSS/NCA. Please fill out the online form below to register your event. Below are ideas and helpful links to help your group brainstorm success fundraising activities. Your participation will make a significant difference in the lives of families and children in our community!

Activity Ideas

  1. Book Sale,  Rummage Sale,  Car Wash, T-shirt Sale, Bake Sale or Craft Sale/ Bazaar: These are easy to pull together and publicize. They do not require a lot of resources.

  2. Cardboard Boat Races: Homemade cardboard boats are raced on a quiet river, pond or lake.

  3. Games Night: Depending on the community, this could be tooled to a family focus to benefit the family programs of LSS/NCA or refugees. For example, popular American family games or possibly board games from around the world.

  4. Movie Night: A film could be chosen to underscore the fundraising purpose and theme. It could be an uplifting foreign film or a story about a foreign protagonist or family.

  5. Lunch or Dinner Special Event: This can be as simple as a pulled pork B-B-Q or a potluck dinner. If more elaborate, a silent auction could be included. 

  6. An Obstacle Course Race 

  7. Walkathon or Fun Run

  8. Annual Flower Sale, Fall Bulb Sale: These are easy to do especially the bulb sales as several large commercial bulb companies have special fundraising kits.

  9. Talent/Variety Show: Bring the community together in a fun way. It also showcases people's talents, fostering an appreciation of others' gifts that perhaps are not known.  


Working with Local Businesses

  1. Six Flags amusement park: They make special arrangements for fundraising groups. See:

  2. Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts will sometimes sell in bulk to nonprofits so that they can re-sell at an event location

  3. Pizza bake at Domino's: Groups help in the kitchen and get a portion of the proceeds for that night

  4. Hosted night at a local family restaurant where a percentage of receipts goes to LSS/NCA


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