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Design Competition

I’m an artist and creative consultant living in Washington, D.C. I create work using three visual mediums to communicate ideas simply and boldly.

My upbringing in a military family taught me two things above all: The importance of service to others, and the value of acquaintances from different backgrounds. As a teenager my family settled in the area, and I attended the College of William & Mary to study art and politics. After graduation I returned to Washington work with refugees and asylum applicants, an experience that had an enormous impact on my path. In this role, I learned to listen with intention, to capture vast stories concisely, and to help the powerless find a voice.

In the current political climate, art is my voice. To me, making art is like answering a question visually: As questions about our values grows larger, as facts come under scrutiny, art is the last, best tool to make the point powerfully and simply. 

Design Submissions