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Children, Youth, and Family Services

Adoption Services

As the first accredited Lutheran adoption agency in the metro D.C. area, Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) has supported growing families for decades. As a Licensed Child Placing Agency (LCPA) in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia we provide pre and post adoption services for families who seek to adopt a child/children domestically or internationally. LSSNCA also provides services through our Break the Seal (BKS) program for birth parents or adoptees who petition the Superior Court of the District of Columbia to open their birth record.  

We invite and encourage those who are married or single; homeowners or renters; already-parents or never parented; and LGBTQIA+ families to open their home and heart as pre-adoptive parents.

To request a service or to find out more about our program, please fill out the Adoption Services Inquiry form. Our fee schedule with our scope of services and related pricing is also provided.


A nationally recognized curriculum is used to train pre-adoptive families who adopt privately, from foster care, or from kinship/relative families.


A home study is an assessment of the pre-adoptive family and home and is required for all families who are seeking to adopt.


Following the placement of a child/children in the home, a pre-adoptive family undergoes a mandated monitoring period that includes monthly home visitation and subsequent reporting, which is conducted by a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW).


Break the Seal (BKS) is a sub-program under adoption services. In partnership with the District of Columbia Family Court LSSNCA provides comprehensive post-adoption search services for individuals who made and finalized their adoption plan with our agency. All services are confidential.