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Rent to a Refugee

Every year, LSSNCA finds houses and apartments for refugees to live once they're admitted to the United States. It's a cumbersome process that often happens months before a refugee arrives. The recent evacuation of Afghans from Afghanistan and the housing boom has made the process more even more complicated as we try and find housing for every arriving family, sometimes dozens every week. Typically, LSSNCA finds available apartment homes through preferred landlords that have worked with our staff for years, know the process, and house a robust community of Afghan nationals.

However, we are now depending on leads from the community to ensure that each family is provided a home within a few days of arrival. Our staff works diligently with every refugee to garner quick employment and in turn, ensure that rent is successfully paid on time. If you have a property and would like to learn more about renting a refugee, please fill out the form below and a member of our staff will contact you soon. 

Become a Refugee Landlord

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Please note: A refugee family must have a private entrance to their living space if it's attached to private residence.