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Afghan Allies FAQs

LSSNCA Operations and Resettlement

How can I make the greatest impact?

A financial donation, no matter how large or small, makes a huge impact. Financial support provides Afghan Allies support for their greatest needs and essential costs upon arrival including immediate housing, supplies, transportation, and food. 

How many Afghan refugees are you expecting to resettle in the D.C. Metro area?

As of July 1, LSSNCA has resettled 1,930 Afghan Allies and arrivals are continuing at a steady rate as more families are processed and complete medical screenings. LSSNCA is expected to resettle upwards of 2,400 refugees in 2022. 

What sources of funding does LSSNCA receive to support new neighbors?

LSSNCA receives funding through state and federal contracts to support new neighbors in initial resettlement and longer-term integration. As this funding is limited, we rely on community-based support including individual monetary donations, public and private foundation support, and in-kind contributions. In particular, in their journey towards self-sufficiency, one of the greatest needs for new neighbors is rental assistance. Consider joining us as a Good Neighbor partner to aid in a family's resettlment. 

Why is temporary housing needed?

In the waiting period of assurance with our agency and securing an apartment, families often live temporarily with relatives for a few days or weeks. In the event this is not possible, we are placing individuals and families in hotel suites, AirBNBs, and we are looking for individuals and communities who might have an apartment or home to rent at cost.

Volunteers & Partners

What are the most immediate volunteer needs for newly arrived Afghan refugee families, and how can I get involved?

Our most immediate volunteer needs fluctuate, but view our latest in-kind needs here, make a financial donation now, or sign-up to volunteer, and you will be contacted when a match is made.

We are also in need of Good Neighbor Partners and mentors. To learn more about the programs, please click here.

I am interested in becoming a foster parent for an Afghan Refugee. What is the process?

LSSNCA recruits and trains foster parents for youth fleeing violence and persecution and who do not have a legal guardian in the United States, known as unaccompanied refugee minors. LSSNCA is referred unaccompanied refugee minors by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. We serve all children referred to us and cannot guarantee the country of origin of youth who will be placed with our licensed foster parents.

Becoming a URM foster parent takes several hours of training, a police background check, child protective registry clearance, and a home study. This usually takes 60-90 days. We encourage you to visit our foster care page and sign-up for our next orientation to learn more about the process of becoming a foster parent. 

I am a high school student and want to support refugees. Can I volunteer with LSSNCA?

Yes! You are welcome to sign up as a volunteer through our Volunteer webpage. Additionally, middle and high school volunteers have organized in-kind donation drives for LSSNCA families with their family, friends, and peers! You are welcome to contact us with any other ideas you may have to volunteer! 

Other Questions

I do not live in the D.C. Metro Area. How can I get involved?

You can still welcome Afghan Allies and their families. We encourage financial donations to supplement resettlement expenses such as temporary housing, food, transportation, and other daily needs. Gift cards are also needed and can be sent to our DC office. Gift cards are used for groceries and toiletries, and list of gift card requests can be found on our In-kind Donations webpage. 

I am an SIV in Afghanistan (or know someone who is) and I need help? What do I do?

There are thousands of people who support you and your family as we encourage the U.S. Government to continue evacuations. LSSNCA is referred SIV cases through the Special Immigrant Visa Program and our national partners at LIRS.  We are asking all those in need of assistance regarding a Special Immigrant Visa, to please visit or email

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions that are not answered in the Take Action tab, please contact us at