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Youth Development & Wellness

Wellness Education

Through the support of several grants, Youth Development & Wellness has been able to develop wellness curriculum to conduct health workshops in local DC schools. Wellness education focuses on promoting healthy decision making skills to encourage young adults to make healthy and educated decisions. Through the promotion of healthy relationships and risk avoidance, our wellness education series reinforces optimal health and strengthens our community.

Additionally, we host wellness workshops for the whole family--a fun way to practice healthy habits and be motivated to incorporate these new habits into their family routines. Past workshops include Community Gardening, Bang for Your Buck at the Farmers' Markets, Whole Foods Cooking Competition, Hitting your Tart Heart Rate with Roller Skating, Mindful Movement, Food and Mood, and Reaching your Goals.

Invite us to participate in your school or community! Contact us to learn more; 202-723-3000 ext 261