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Youth Development & Wellness

Treatment-Focused Peer Support Groups

IGOTCHU ​Peer Support ​Group​s:

A place to discuss hot topics with friends who get it!  So what’s on your mind?     

IGOTCHU is a support group where youth engage in hands-on experiences to prompt conversations about subjects relevant to entering adulthood.  It’s a judgement free zone where youth and mentors talk about it all: making money, school & college life, sex & relationships, depression & mental health treatment, stress & how to deal with it, self-esteem & body image, self-care, etc.  Together peers strategize about constructive ways to deal with life’s challenges.  Light Dinner provided.

Eligibility: Age 15-24, living with an HIV diagnosis, Mental Health diagnosis, or Substance Use disorder

Dates: Contact Youth Development & Wellness office for meeting 

Contact:; 202-723-3000 ext 261

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