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Youth Development & Wellness

"Be Well" Retreats

"Be Well" Retreats, 3-day immersive experiences, provide teens and young adults health education, a safe space to share personal challenges and concerns, and encouragement to seek the treatment or help they may need. In a fun environment, retreat participants practice using new tools to successfully reach their goals from medication adherence to strengthening ties within their circle of support. Through the encouragement of wellness coaches, participants also develop leadership skills, learn healthy habits for the mind and body, and create life-long bonds. Retreats focus around topics such as: Accepting Your Diagnosis; The 411 of Medication Information; Triggers and Trauma; Recognizing Symptoms of Depression; Healthy Coping Strategies and Self-Care; Food, Mood & Exercise; Disclosure Strategies; Mental and Emotional Wellness Resources.

Many participants are referred to the program through local partnerships with schools and health centers, such as John Hopkins. Care units have seen dramatic behavioral shifts in the patients who attend our supportive retreats. This program is only possible through generous partner sponsorships and community donors like you. Donate today and designate your gift to Youth Wellness!

If you or someone you know is struggling to adapt to personal circumstances such as a HIV diagnoses, substance abuse in the family, or another stigmatizing condition, please contact us today.; 202-723-3000 ext 261