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Refugee Services

Refugee Resttlement

68.5 million people around the world have been forced out of their home because of war or civil unrest, among them 25.4 million are refugees.

In partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the U.S. offers people the freedom to start a new life through the refugee resettlement program. For refugees fleeing war and persecution, resettlement in a new country is often the last resort, providing a legal and physical haven to rebuild their lives. Only 1% of refugees are resettled to a third country. Up until 2018, LSSNCA welcomed more than 1,000 refugees each year. 

Since serving displaced persons following WWII over half of a century ago, LSSNCA has partnered with local organizations, companies, and individual volunteers to aid in the resettlement of thousands of federally approved refugees as they begin new lives in the Washington DC Metro area. On the path to regain independence, families receive intensive case management, cultural orientation from our trained staff of professionals, and other services to gain self-sufficiency. We direct newcomers to appropriate community resources while helping them to become active members of their new communities. In return, refugees enrich our neighborhoods with their skills, diversity, and courage.

If you are interested in supporting refugee families and children, consider "shopping" our Wish List for items that are needed on a daily basis. Another interactive and rewarding way to get involved is by volunteering to mentor a refugee on daily tasks like using an ATM, riding the Metro, grocery shopping, and learning about the neighborhood. These and many other of opportunities can be found on the How You Can Help webpage.