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Rent to a Refugee

The Washington, DC Metro Area presents unique challenges to refugee families resettling in our community, particularly because of abnormally high rent. After fleeing war and persecution, refugees are building from the ground up as they make America their new home. LSSNCA partners with local landlords and property owners to secure affordable rent while refugees seek employment and strive for self-sufficiency. 

Opening your doors to refugee families has several benefits because of LSSNCA's involvement, training, and constant arrivals of refugees. By partnering with LSSNCA you lower your vacancy rate, increase confidence in timely rent payments, and secure long-term tenants who are respectful of property and maintenance. If you are interested in renting to a refugee or would like to talk to a resettlement specialist, please submit the form below 

How Can Landlords Benefit From Renting To Refugees?

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