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Immigration & Citizenship

Immigration & Citizenship

The Citizen and Immigration Services (CIS) at LSSNCA offers immigration legal assistance to individuals and families in Virginia, DC and Maryland. LSSNCA legal services are provided by multi-lingual, experienced staff that are accredited by the Department of Justice (DOJ)'s Office of Legal Access Programs (OLAP).

Services offered include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Citizenship
  • Counseling
  • Family reunification
  • USCIS forms preparation & completion
  • TPS application
  • Liaison between clients and USCIS offices
  • Referrals

Legal services are open to all Individuals seeking legal assistance with USCIS forms and applications. Individual that LSSNCA-CIS cannot serve are referred to other service providers and resources in the area. Client fees vary dependent on the extent of services needed, and are separate from those established by USCIS. 

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact LSSNCA CIS team through our online contact form or at: Tel: (703) 698-5026 ext. 110  Email:

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