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Adoption Services

Adoption can be one of the most wonderful events in life. Whether you’re investigating adoption as an option or have already decided that you want to adopt, LSSNCA is here to support you. As a licensed adoption agency in the District of Columbia and Maryland, we provide home study and post-placement visits for domestic and international adoptions for families and individuals within a 50 mile radius of the DC Metro Area. More information on our fees for these adoption services can be downloaded here. 

If you are interested in preparing your home for a child, need someone to conduct home/post-placement studies, or are interested in learning more about the child placement process, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.

Break the Seal

Looking for a birth parent or child? We provide comprehensive post-adoption search services for individuals who were adopted through LSSNCA or made their adoption plan with our agency. If you are looking to reconnect with your biological family, our services are confidential and counseling is available.

These services include:

   1.    Non-identifying background reports.

   2.    Search and reunion for birth parents and adoptees in closed adoptions.

Because the adoption search and reunion process varies depending on the jurisdiction in which the adoption was finalized, anyone interested in learning more is asked to contact our DC Office (202-723-3000 x. 282). Or if you would like someone to contact you, please fill out our short adoption inquiry form.


  • Deena & Matt Thompson, Adoptive Parents
    Deena & Matt Thompson, Adoptive Parents

    "Adoption has become a beautiful path to grow our family and share our love with another person. Each day is a new adventure with our sweet baby girl."