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More often than not, the first job a refugee gets in the U.S. is only temporary, as its main purpose is to start generating income to cover living expenses. Many refugees are eager to return to a previous field or pursue other career opportunities, but there may be obstacles that stand in the way.

This letter simply requests that DHS share with Congress the reason why Special Immigrant Visa holders have been denied for discretionary reasons. Translators embedded with US troops help us fulfill our combat and peacekeeping missions, and make the same sacrifice our men and women in uniform do. The United States of America must keep our promises to those who risked their lives to help our country fight terrorism and defend our national security. This letter is critical to provide Congress with much-needed information.

HIAS, which resettled more than 4,000 refugees across the United States in 2016, has motivated and united 35 synagogues in the Washington-area to join its Welcome Campaign, but the agency does not resettle refugees in Greater Washinton. So congregations partner with the International Rescue Committee or Lutheran Social Services, forming interfaith partnerships.

On July 19, the Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration’s travel ban to stand, leaving about 100 unaccompanied minor refugees stranded overseas.

Foster families across the United States await dozens of refugee children who are under 18, and who by definition have no close family to care for them.