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Special Volunteer Opportunity

We are looking for communication, media, advocacy, and event professionals who are interested in serving on a special LSS/NCA committee. This group of professionals will discuss, market and coordinate LSS/NCA's 100th anniversary celebration in connection with our Stronger Together campaign!

If you fit one of the criteria below, please contact us!
*An individual with media contacts who can easily educate and communicate the LSS mission and further linking it to the Stronger Together Campaign/100th Anniversary.
*An individual with congressional (local, state or national) connections who can raise the visibility of LSS and further articulates LSS’s platform on adoption and refugee resettlement (LSS will need a clear position on these issues).
*An individual who has social media savvy and is available to compliment and augment the LSS communications program staff.
*An individual who has an ability to nurture corporate sponsorships.
*An individual who understand how to communicate results (not the journey…but the outcome and impact)
*An individual with energy and a true purpose to the mission of LSS.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact Summer at or 703-698-5026 x.112