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Volunteer Opportunities

Refugee & Immigration Services

Youth Refugee Mentor (Maryland & Vrginia): Volunteers are paired with refugee youth (ages 16-24) to assist with career development and empowerment. Duties vary based on the goals and interests of the youth, but tend to focus on exploring career opportunities, identifying career pathways, assisting with the job search and application process (resume, cover letter, application, interview), and setting short and long term goals. The goal of the mentorship is to allow the youth to have a mentor that can help guide through various questions and ideas as they begin thinking about future careers, mentors have the opportunity to show and support mentees the vast array of opportunities that may be available to them in the US. Mentors will play an integral role in helping mentees troubleshoot, explore and assist as needed in various areas. Volunteers are encouraged to meet youth outside of their homes at coffee shops such as Starbucks. (Time commitment: 10 hours per months for 6 months)         

Family Mentor (Maryland & Virginia): Volunteers will spend time with refugee families and help them get acclimated to their new homes. Duties vary, but tend to focus on English language learning and searching for jobs. This position requires a 6 month commitment. While it’s not required that the volunteer provide their own vehicle for transportation, the location of our clients’ homes make public transportation impractical. (Time commitment: 10 hours per month for 6 months, meeting in the home of the client. 2 volunteers will be placed with each family.)

Youth Mentor/Tutor (Virginia): Volunteers are paired with refugee children and youth (ages 5 - 18 years), assisting in literacy attainment and homework help. They work with students to establish good study skills and support parental involvement in their child’s education. This opportunity will take place in the client’s home in the evenings or on the weekends. If a youth client is under the age of 15, a parent must be present in the home. This opportunity requires volunteers to enjoy working with kids and with youth education. The majority of our youth are located in Alexandria, Prince William County, and Fairfax. (This will require a weekly/bi-weekly time commitment. Particularly seeking mentors and tutors in Loudoun County, Virginia.)  

Employment Assistant (Maryland & Virginia): Volunteer assists job developers in our resettlement offices. Employment assistants will help clients explore career options according to their experience and education and will help the job developers on LSS’s staff with job searches. Volunteers must pass a background check, and be knowledgeable in employment search and resume building. Volunteers must also be willing to report the amount of hours worked to LSS/NCA. Volunteers should have the ability to drive clients. This position may include taking clients to job fairs, to apply for jobs, and to interviews. (Time commitment: 4-8 hours per week between the hours of 9am – 5pm.)

Women’s Empowerment Program Assistant (Virginia): LSS/NCA’s Virginia resettlement office is seeking a volunteer to assist in the management of our newly formed women’s empowerment programming. This programming hopes to engage female clients through professional and vocational development, educational and English language enrichment, and mental and physical health education. LSS/NCA seeks a volunteer to assist in the development and management of this programming. Some weekend hours will be necessary.  

Administrative Assistant (Virginia): Volunteers provide assistance with general office tasks and data entry. Support to complete reports, paperwork, and proper filing is vital to providing the best service possible to our clients. Some work in office organization will be required. This position requires volunteers to be organized, patient, welcoming, and detail-oriented. (Time commitment: 2 hours per week.)

Muscle Mover (Virginia):  Volunteers will assist with moving large, heavy donated items from the homes of donors to the LSS storage facility in Northern Virginia. Volunteers must be able to lift and carry large items (sofas, mattresses, dressers, etc.) Volunteers must pass a background check, and be willing to report the number of hours worked to LSS/NCA (no driving needed). (Time commitment: Mondays during the daytime only, time commitment varies by week. This is an on-call position.)

Youth Development & Wellness

Youth Haven Mentor/Counselor (Washington, DC): Volunteers are matched with participants in our youth development  and wellness program to provide mentoring. Mentors/Counselors and participants will attend wellness, team building, and family events and potentially engage with participants outside of group activities. Activities take place monthly during two-hour time blocks on weekends. Volunteers must pass a background check and be willing to report the number of hours worked to LSS/NCA (Time commitment: up to 3 hours per week, but not every week). Mentors are also eligible to participate as overnight camp counselors during camp/retreat sessions.

Driver (Washington, DC): Volunteers provide transportation to and from weekly events for participants in our Youth Haven program. Volunteer will drive youth participants to and from weekly LSS-sponsored events. Volunteers must pass a background check, provide their own reliable vehicle, have a valid driver’s license, and be willing to report the number of hours worked to LSS/NCA (Time commitment: 4 hours weekly, evenings and weekends only).

Youth Haven Program Assistant (Washington, DC): Volunteers will assist with program development and implementation for LSS/NCA's children and youth programs. Programs take place on weekday evenings and weekends. Volunteers must pass a background check and be willing to report the number of hours worked to LSS/NCA. (Time commitment: varies. Daytime, weekend, and evenings available. All work will be done in Washington, DC.)


Event Planning Assistant (Washington, DC and remote): LSS/NCA is seeking committed volunteers to assist with the planning and execution of community engagement events and fundraisers. Events include the Expressions of Abundance breakfasts in both Maryland and Virginia and the Passport to the World event coming up in October 2019. Volunteers will assist with identifying event locations, building and maintaining guest lists, reaching out to the community for sponsorship and donations, and recruit volunteers and maintain volunteer tasks,  among other administrative tasks. During the week of each event, the volunteers will help coordinate and execute the events. (Time commitment and location varies.)

Administration Aide (Washington, DC): Volunteers will assist our team with administrative tasks, data entry, event promotion, direct mail, and receptionist tasks. Volunteer must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Some volunteer positions require that the individual must pass a background check and be willing to report the number of hours worked to LSS/NCA. (Time commitment: amount of time is flexible, all hours will be between 9:00 am 5:00 pm on Monday through Friday.)

Receptionist (Washington, DC): The LSS/NCA D.C. office is looking for volunteers to help at our reception desk. This would be a once a week commitment and will require a friendly and welcoming volunteer who can help direct phone calls and visitors to staff within the office. (Time commitment varies. Particularly looking to fill Mondays. This is a weekday commitment from 9-5pm.)

Event Hospitality Aide (Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC): Volunteers get hungry! We are seeking a volunteer who can prepare and deliver donated snacks for our volunteer events (tabling events, volunteer orientations, etc.) Volunteers must be willing to report on the number of hours worked to LSS/NCA. (Time commitment: varies.)

Videographer & Editor (remote): Every year, LSS/NCA seeks to illustrate the wonderful new beginnings created through LSS/NCA and the generosity of our community. A videographer and editor are needed to film these stories by following a refugee family, an adoptive child, and/or a youth impacted by the stigma of illness or substance abuse. The volunteer team  will work with the Director of Communications to complete a seven minute video story and shorter teaser videos to share via social media. Help us share these powerful and inspirational stories through your talents.

Blogger (remote): Join our blogging team. Self-assign to blog topics that interest you from our pre-scheduled and determined range of topic areas. Respond to local/national news, interview our staff, or share inspiring stories or quotes related to LSS/NCA services. Volunteers will work directly with the Director of Communications.  

Thank You Volunteer (remote and Washington, DC): LSS/NCA is powered by the cash and in-kind donations and volunteer time given by our loyal supporters. We are looking for volunteers to help us recognize this generous support by providing a personal touch to our messages of gratitude. Help us recognize donors and volunteers with notes, cards, and thank you calls. We have so much to be thankful for but not a lot of staff to express how grateful we are or how much we appreciate our donors and volunteers.

Google Analytics or Adwords (remote): Are you well versed in Google technology? Use your skills to make change and enhance the agency’s visibility in our community to serve more people. Google adword volunteer must dedicate at least 1-2 hours each week crafting new ads, monitoring keywords, and maintaining the agency Google adword account. Analytics volunteer must dedicate at least 1-2 hours each week establishing website goals, monitoring traffic, and providing suggestions to improve ROI. Volunteers will work  in partnership with the Director of Communications and must have a working knowledge of Google platforms.

Volunteer Management Assistant (remote and varies on location): Currently seeking a committed and organized volunteer to assist in the management of volunteer onboarding and placement. The Volunteer Management Assistant will assist in scheduling monthly volunteer intake orientations and participate in leading these general volunteer trainings. This assistant will help with data entry for background checks and maintaining the LSS/NCA volunteer database through Better Impact. Additionally, the volunteer may assist in outreach events, such as tabling at university career/intern fairs. (Time commitment: Flexible, at least 2 hours per week is preferred.)

Outreach Team (various location): LSS/NCA is frequently invited to have a table or booth at events, fairs and festivals in the community. Outreach Team volunteers represent LSS/NCA and answer questions at these tabling events. The volunteers are provided with the informational materials to set up at the table and with answers to FAQs. Tabling events generally last two to three hours and may be in the evening or on a weekend. This position allows for a flexible and on-call time commitment. Volunteers should be friendly, personable, and excited to share the work of all of LSS/NCA’s programs with the community.

Speakers Bureau: Attend events as an LSS/NCA representative to help staff manage increased appearance requests and broaden community awareness. Speakers will be trained to answer questions about agency programming and share stories to at speaking engagements to influence support. 

Grant Support Volunteer(Washington DC & Remote):  The LSS/NCA grant program prepares and tasks volunteers to write grants for submission. Time demands are flexible but actual grant submissions require working on a deadline.  While some of the work is administrative, (Time commitment: varies.) Grant-related tasks include:

  • Reading through newsletters to identify grant opportunities (High Flexibility)
  • Researching grants at the Foundation Center in downtown DC (High Flexibility)
  • Managing the grants calendar
  • Scheduling meetings, matching grants to programs, and finding precedent in earlier submitted grants
  • Assembling attachments to accompany the grant narrative
  • Making copies for files and attaching the application documents to our electronic data system.

2019 Serve Boldly Scholarship Volunteers: The Serve Boldly Scholarship program is a rewarding way to volunteer, use your life experience and skills, and help a refugee adult or Unaccompanied Refugee minor create a future. Help us make a difference! Each year the scholarship program grows a little more demanding with an increased number of applications. (Time commitment: varies.)

Co-ordinator-This is an opportunity for a volunteer to assist LSS/NCA staff to manage the scholarship program. The work is cyclical with the greatest activity when the applications are due (April),  as they are evaluated (May). Notifying successful and unsuccessful applicants (June) and tracking claims for scholarship funds (August) and revision of application forms and publicity (Dec and January) could also be part of the responsibilities.

Judge- Volunteer judges to review the scholarship applications are also needed.  Their work is limited to May and April of 2019.

Group Opportunities

Group volunteer opportunities: Volunteer groups and congregations are welcome to devote their time to various on-going or one-time projects and opportunities. Opportunities are not limited to the list below. Groups are welcome to present a thought-out idea for a volunteer project that can be fulfilled through the time commitment of the volunteer group. Staff assistance outside of marketing events to clients may be limited. Often transportation is a necessity for client involvement. If transportation is provided by volunteers, a background check is necessary. Please reach out to the Community Outreach Director to explore such opportunities.

General Opportunities:

  • Host/plan a fundraiser
  • Host a Jeffersonian Dinner inviting clients or LSS/NCA staff members
  • Host a donations drive
  • Organization team for storage units and D.C. office

Youth Haven:

  • Camp counselors
  • Wellness workshop organizers
  • “Street Team” - volunteer opportunity for youth groups to act as allies and an outreach team for our youth programming

Refugee Resettlement:

  • Organize and host a family fun night for clients (game night, movie night, crafting, etc)
  • Host clinics for career development, college prep, computer skill building, drivers’ ed.
  • Women’s Empowerment workshops and support groups (with child care)
  • Sewing
  • Computer literacy
  • Driving education
  • Vocational training and professional development
  • Women’s health
  • Spiritual/Mental health
  • Organization of a women’s conference in March
  • Become a site for free ESL classes, vocational training
  • Homework club (needed for Prince William County, Virginia)

Partners & Affiliations