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Emergency Assistance

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During this national emergency over the spread of the COVID-19 virus, LSSNCA is taking the necessary steps to keep our clients, families, staff, and volunteers safe. We are practicing "social distancing" where possible, while also attending to the needs of our clients and recording the impacts on them. Many Americans are being financially and physically impacted right now, but those we serve remain particularly vulnerable.

Our newly arrived families are striving for financial self-sufficiency, but are now facing layoffs and reduced work hours. Additionally, many of our families served might not have the resources to cover childcare and are therefore impacted by the closing of public schools and childcare facilities. These closures impact our clients' ability to provide breakfast and lunch meals for their children and educational activities that require technology (i.e. laptops or WI-FI) or parental instruction in English. 

Emergency funding is not only critical to our families and individuals served, but also to the agency as a non-profit. We are seeking emergency funding streams that will allow us to keep all of our staff both paid and employed during this time. 

We are asking you to invest in us today so that we can continue to serve the DMV tomorrow! Your contributions will go to the following critical needs (but not limited to):

  1. Emergency rental assistance;
  2. Assistance for utility bills;
  3. Childcare funding;
  4. Temporary grocery assistance;
  5. LSSNCA administrative funding and most critical needs.


Every donor will be asked to display our LSS Hero Profile Picture Frame on their Facebook. Help us spread the love!

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