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Become A Good Neighbor Partner

From learning a new language to navigating a new community, the first few months in the United States are often the most intensive for refugees and immigrants. To ease this transition and provide an extra layer of care and support, we match families with local congregations and groups called Good Neighbor Partners. 

In addition to setting up an apartment for a new refugee family, Good Neighbor Partners (GNPs) can choose a combination of support and resources to provide a family for up to 6 months or 1 year. In 2019 we had 14 GNP groups walking with our newly-arrived clients and 42 volunteer-run home set-ups.

Currently, much of the GNP program has gone virtual and we are working to find ways that safely ensure our newly-arrived families receive the necessary support needed to launch their new lives in Maryland and Virginia. GNPs have the option to support a family at a distance through online shopping sprees and virtual mentoring.

Learn more about the GNP program:

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