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Serve Boldly Campaign

In 2017, we celebrated a milestone 100 years of service to our community. Although we celebrate this great achievement, our sights are firmly set on the future and strengthening our mission to walk with those in need. The campaign's goals remain the same--to improve the quality of programs that support our neighbors and invest in our stability.  We humbly request your support of the Serve Boldly campaign.  

Campaign Achievements

From the global stage to the family next door, the needs of our broken world and divided humanity are overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable. Together we have chosen to believe in the transformative power of service to provide comfort and restore hope and dignity. Because of you, LSS/NCA has collected 70% of its $2.5 million campaign goal. Already, your support has: 

  • Tripled the number of Unaccompanied Refugee Minors who receive support and loving homes through our foster care program.
  • Expanded Youth Haven services to others in the community who are stigmatized, increasing access to support programs and creating stronger contacts with community partners. 
  • Has enabled LSS/NCA to hire a Community Engagement Coordinator who has grown partnerships with 115 congregations and engaged over 500 volunteers in LSS programming and services. 
  • Increased opportunities for staff advancement by creating additional management positions. 
  • Remodeled the DC office, installed security cameras, and upgraded technology to ensure staff comfort and safety while on the job. 
  • Doubled the amount of vulnerable children served in the Theraputic foster care program. 
  • Upgraded the website to better communicate with supporters and advocate for families in need. 

We Need Your Help

Despite our progress, there is still a lot left to do. Thousands of service organizations wade into this breach every day, with the best of intentions and hearts for good but dwindling resources to meet outsized problems. We need your support to: 

  • Recruit and hire a foster care parent recruiter for Unaccompanied Refugee Minors. This would expand our program to serve even more children fleeing war and gang violence by allowing us to recruit and train foster parents in Virginia. 
  • Implement an online training program to increase opportunities for professional development and improve the retention of quality staff.
  • Purchase two vans and a box truck to aid in refugee resettlement, apartment move-ins, airport pick-ups, and daily transportation needs.
  • Invest in the relocation of the Virginia based office to ensure space for our growing staff and refugee resettlement needs. 
  • Aid LSS/NCA in resettling a growing number of refugees each year. (Last year, LSS/NCA resettled over 1,500 refugees compared to about 600 refugees in 2015 and 1,000 in 2016.)