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Ms. Alice Hedt

Ms. Alice Hedt

"Excited to be on the board of LSS which seeks justice, defends the oppressed and cares for the father/motherless." Isaiah 1:17

For 30+ years, Alice worked in the field of aging as an advocate for older and disabled adults who live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in North Carolina and Maryland. As a local long term care Ombudsman, she addressed individual complaints, promoted residents' rights, and addressed systemic issues to improve quality of care and quality of life. She headed the National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform and the National Ombudsman Resource Center. Within her faith communities (Ascension Lutheran, Landover Hills MD and Grace Lutheran, Concord NC), Alice has worked with immigrants to help them adjust to their new home countries. Newly retired from being the Maryland State Ombudsman, Alice is focusing on spirituality and aging, immigration issues, traveling, singing on the church choir, and enjoying time with her husband, three children and two granddaughters.

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