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About Us

Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision


Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) walks with those in need and mobilizes community partners to provide services that offer hope and rebuild lives.


By God’s grace, we provide ministries of compassion, justice, and hope to the most vulnerable in the metro DC area, working toward wholeness and self-sufficiency.

Our Core Values

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area began in 1917 as an expression of the Lutheran Church’s concern for people.  Fundamental to our work are the following values:

We value our Lutheran heritage, founded on the tenets of the Christian faith that honors the inherent worth of every individual.

We value wellness and wholeness for clients and communities with emphasis on self-sufficiency, prevention, interdependence and service to the whole person/family. 

We value and learn from the unique perspectives of diverse individuals and partners.

We value our staff members and strive to meet their needs for personal and professional growth.

We value quality in all our services, and pursue those in which we can excel, always being ready to change or modify them so that clients and communities can be best served.

We value working collaboratively with other agencies, communities and places of worship in order to achieve the greatest good and best outcomes.   

Is LSSNCA a Lutheran-based organization?

In 1917, a group of seven Lutheran entities pooled their resources and came together to have a greater impact on the local community than what they could each achieve individually. The agency's intention has never been to proselytize or create new Christians, but rather serve our neighbors in need despite their race, faith, or gender as Jesus once taught us. We serve in that same tradition today, collaborating with communities and congregations of all faiths to serve our most vulnerable neighbors. 

The Lutheran church does not govern our policies or programs and we are an independent 501(c)3. As we do with local Lutheran churches, we partner with congregations of all faiths in welcoming refugees, building families, and offering wellness support to youth.