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Stand With Refugees

Prayer for Refugees

You leave no one behind, no one alone, and no one to dwell in darkness or fear.  
You led your people out of Egypt to safety and a promised land.  You protected Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus as they traveled in to hiding from the murderous Herod. 
This day, walk with all refugees fleeing for their lives, with those who wait in tents and open fields clinging to a small hope to rejoin family and rebuild their lives, and for all refugees who now dwell in darkness as our nation closes its door to them. 
Our hearts are broken.  Refugees who would be our new neighbors are now being forced to stay in harm’s way and away from the loving embrace we are ready to offer as a new family in a new land.
But fear will not overcome us.  You are our light.
We pray for justice.  We pray for compassion.  We pray for all who govern that they may be blessed with wisdom and the courage to reflect your love in a broken world.   
God, in your mercy. 
Hear our prayer.

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